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  • Keep Dust Mites at Bay
  • Protect the Health of Customers and Employees
  • Keep Overlooked Areas Clean
  • Relief from Respiratory Problems at Work

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ORCA is a very service oriented Commercial Janitorial Service Company that provides a range of facility maintenance services to the Houston area.

  • We Recycle
  • Certified by the Green Clean Institute
  • American Lung Association

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Here's what our client's are saying about our services

We had such a hard time with the commercial cleaning services we had before you that we didn't think that we could be this happy with our service. Thank you for showing us we were wrong! I would recommend Orca cleaning services to anyone who needs commercial cleaning services.

Touch of Grace

Orca takes care of anything I need as soon as I ask; I couldn't be more satisfied with my commercial cleaning services.

First National

Orca actually cleans under our desks, I use to hate coming in to the office and pulling out my chair to find dirt and pieces of paper because our old cleaning crew didn't pull out the chairs when they cleaned. Now, I don't have to worry about that anymore. Orca makes sure that my office is cleaned completely.

Rainbow Dentistry

Hire Commercial Cleaning Services Houston from Orca Cleaning Services

commercial cleaning services houston

It is easy for many people to think that the only reason you hire commercial cleaning services Houston is to make sure that your workplace looks clean. This is true, as you do want your workplace to appear clean. However, there is more to it than that. The cleanliness of your workplace can also impact the health of your employees and your customers. This is why Orca Cleaning Services makes total cleanliness a priority – it´s for your health.

For example, if you have anyone in your office that suffers from asthma or another respiratory problem, then the dust mites in the air that were not caught by your commercial cleaning services Houston will irritate their lungs and make working incredibly difficult for them. If they cannot breathe well, then they may suffer bad attacks that can risk their health in more severe ways. In your best case scenario, they will be unable to be very productive because of the distractions caused by their illness. This is just your employees – if you have customers that come into your workplace, do you think they will want to return if your building aggravates their respiratory problems? Probably not. Hiring Orca Cleaning Services will ensure that 99% of the dust mites are removed through our special vacuuming equipment. This will bring relief to your employees and allow your customers to feel comfortable.

Another problem in many offices is time out for being sick. When Dallas office cleaning workers do not keep bacteria levels under control, illness and viruses can spread rather quickly from simple interactions, such as using a door knob. Orca Cleaning Services is set apart from other janitorial companies in Dallas by disinfecting common areas where the spread of germs is more likely.

As you can see, Orca Cleaning Services offers reliable and thorough commercial cleaning services Houston that will address these issues and prevent health deterioration at your workplace. This is why your Dallas janitorial service is so important. Hire Orca Cleaning Services today and protect your workers and your customers.