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For Quality Dallas Commercial Cleaning, Call Orca Cleaning Services

  • Keep Your Bathroom Fresh and Clean
  • Stop Offending Customers and Employees
  • Protect the Health of Your Office
  • Do More Than Just Spray Disinfectant

The Last Cleaning Company You Will Ever Need

ORCA is a very service oriented Commercial Janitorial Service Company that provides a range of facility maintenance services to the Houston area.

  • We Recycle
  • Certified by the Green Clean Institute
  • American Lung Association

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Here's what our client's are saying about our services

I have been with my company for 15 years and I have been through more cleaning companies than I would like to admit. They would do great at first, and then a few months in would slack off and never recover. The crew at Orca cleaning services have been doing fantastic for years now, and I would recommend them if anyone is having the same problem I did.

Branch Pediatrics

Working with the staff at Orca has made my job a lot less stressful. Before hiring Orca I used an individual cleaning lady, and sometimes she would need to take off work for this or for that. The staff at Orca has been reliable and now I don't have to worry about my building being cleaned. They do a consistently good job!

Child Care Center

We have a lot of people working in our office that have allergies, and since Orca has started cleaning our office, we are able to breathe better. They are actually cleaning our building and not just taking out the trash. It is great to have a real cleaning service who cares about our health.

Dayton Logistics

Keep Your Bathroom Fresh with Dallas Commercial Cleaning from Orca Cleaning Services

dallas commercial cleaning

Your workplace bathroom is one of the most important areas of the office when it comes to cleanliness. While some people can tolerate a little dust on the counter, nearly everyone opposes the kind of dirt and filth that can collect in the bathroom. But when your Dallas commercial cleaning company comes in to disinfect, how good of a job do they do in the bathroom? Do they pay attention to all the details? Do they scrub down the entire bathroom? Is their Dallas commercial cleaning effectively eliminating offensive odors from the area? If the answer to any of these questions is "no", then you need to call Orca Cleaning Services immediately.

Think of the impression that a dirty bathroom gives. To employees, a poor Dallas commercial cleaning of your bathroom indicates a low level of appreciation for them. If your employees do not feel appreciated, the likelihood of great productivity and high level of effort in the workplace will drop considerably. Just by hiring Orca Cleaning Services to be your Dallas office cleaning company would improve morale around the office. To customers, a dirty bathroom indicates a poor level of customer service, along with an inattention to detail that will translate to the service that you provide the customer. It is embarrassing to a company, and it can severely impact your sales. Have a quality janitorial Dallas company like Orca Cleaning Services come in and do a thorough cleaning of your bathroom. Our team will scrub the toilet and clean the floors. We will disinfect all the surfaces in the bathroom and clean the mirrors thoroughly. As a result, you will have an area that is free of any of the disgusting filth that can damage your company´s reputation with employees and customers. The freshness left behind will allow them to feel comfortable in that area of the workplace.

Instead of risking your business on a poor Dallas janitorial company, call Orca Cleaning Services today for a real Dallas commercial cleaning. Our team will be happy to provide a complete cleaning of not just your company´s bathroom, but all corners of your office and workplace.