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Orca Cleaning Services Offers Thorough Dallas Janitorial Service

  • Reduces Dust and Bacteria
  • Keeps Customers Happy
  • Maintains Employees' Health
  • Avoids Embarrassing Filth

The Last Cleaning Company You Will Ever Need

ORCA is a very service oriented Commercial Janitorial Service Company that provides a range of facility maintenance services to the Houston area.

  • We Recycle
  • Certified by the Green Clean Institute
  • American Lung Association

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2040 North Loop West Ste 302
Houston, Tx
(832) 771-0926

Here's what our client's are saying about our services

Orca actually cleans under our desks, I use to hate coming in to the office and pulling out my chair to find dirt and pieces of paper because our old cleaning crew didn't pull out the chairs when they cleaned. Now, I don't have to worry about that anymore. Orca makes sure that my office is cleaned completely.

Rainbow Dentistry

The crew is doing such a great job on cleaning our floors that I received compliments today.

Noble Logistics

I do not know how Orca always keeps our restrooms so clean, especially with all the traffic that we have. We are always getting compliments on how clean and refreshing it is to go into a clean public restroom.

J Controls

Keep Your Workplace Clean with Dallas Janitorial Service Orca Cleaning Services

dallas janitorial service

Are you in need of a Dallas janitorial service that will do a thorough cleaning of your office or workplace? Are you tired of janitorial companies in Dallas that clean too quickly in the evenings, leaving behind dust, dirt, and bacteria? Then you need to call Orca Cleaning Services today. With Orca Cleaning Services, you will finally experience a full and complete office cleaning that will keep bacteria and dust at bay.

Dust and bacteria are such important components, a good Dallas janitorial service should not overlook them. Dust and bacteria are not just inconveniences to a workplace – they can be a major problem. With prolonged exposure to dust and bacteria, your employees can get sick and even develop respiratory problems. At best, these issues will severely hamper your office´s productivity. At worst, employees could incur medical bills and lose time at work. Another major problem with your Dallas janitorial service leaving dust and bacteria behind is how it affects your customers. If you have customers that visit your workplace, they could potentially develop health problems. In addition, just the sight of excess dirt and dust could be enough to turn them off of your business completely, hurting your revenue potential. Think of that when your customers use your bathroom – is it clean and fresh? Is it comfortable? If not, then your Dallas janitorial service could be costing you customers. Those types of problems will hurt your sales, as customers will associate those experiences with your business. If you want to ensure that customers associate cleanliness and attention to detail with your company, then you should hire Orca Cleaning Services as your Dallas commercial cleaning company. With our assistance, we can transform your filthy workplace into a place where both customers and employees can feel comfortable and confident.

Your cleaning represents your attention to detail. Would the average person be able to analyze your business appropriately based on the cleanliness of your office? If not, you need to call Orca Cleaning Services today to schedule a thorough cleaning of your workplace.