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Houston Commercial Cleaning from Orca Cleaning Services Cannot Be Matched

  • Reduces Dust and Bacteria Buildup
  • Keeps Your Employees Happy and Healthy
  • Cleans Overlooked Areas, Like the Blinds
  • A Clean Office is a Comfortable Office

The Last Cleaning Company You Will Ever Need

ORCA is a very service oriented Commercial Janitorial Service Company that provides a range of facility maintenance services to the Houston area.

  • We Recycle
  • Certified by the Green Clean Institute
  • American Lung Association

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2040 North Loop West Ste 302
Houston, Tx
(832) 771-0926

Here's what our client's are saying about our services

The crew at Orca is always reliable and trustworthy. It is simple things like not getting that call at 1 am because the cleaning crew set off the alarm again. Or coming in to work and not finding the door unlocked again, that makes me happy I chose Orca for our cleaning services.


I was trying to find a cleaning crew that could clean the building properly and not clean the dust, but remove it. The staff at Orca does a great job, and they are consistent. I am very pleased with their performance.

Ukine Logistics

The service that Orca cleaning services gives to our company is above and beyond. They are there whenever we need it, I like that I can call them for any cleaning services I need. From my carpets to windows, It's just one call to my rep and he takes care of it immediately.

Kwali Professional Services

Call Orca Cleaning Services for Houston Commercial Cleaning that Improves Morale

houston commercial cleaning

Employers are always looking for ways to boost morale around the office. From contests and incentives to parties and awards, offices everywhere are trying every way they can think of to keep employees feeling appreciated. But what about the cleanliness of the office? Do you have a good Houston commercial cleaning company coming in every night to keep the place clean? Orca Cleaning Services knows how much a clean office can impact office life.

First, when you hire a good Houston commercial cleaning company, you demonstrate that you care about the state of the office. No worker wants to spend eight hours in a dirty room. Keeping it clean with a quality Dallas office cleaning company like Orca Cleaning Services is a great way to improve the atmosphere of an office. Another way that a Houston commercial cleaning company will help your workers is by protecting their health. Think of all the areas that a Dallas janitorial service might ignore: the blinds on your windows, the corners of the office, or even the door knobs. These are all places where bacteria can grow and dust can build up. The bacteria will encourage the spread of viruses and illness, so you will have a perpetual state of illness in the workplace – many of your employees will be sick on a routine basis. As for dust, anyone with a respiratory condition such as asthma will be irritated and aggravated by the dust in the air. If you can hire a company like Orca Cleaning Services, an office cleaning Houston company that understands the importance of paying attention to details, you will improve the overall health of the office, making it a more comfortable place to work as well.

Keeping an office clean shows that you want your employees in an atmosphere that they will be comfortable working in, and a Houston commercial cleaning company such as Orca Cleaning Services is your best option to protect their health and improve the morale in your office. If you want to increase productivity and reduce sick days taken around your office, call Orca Cleaning Services today.