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  • Cleans 99.9% of Indoor Pollutants
  • Destroys Bacteria in Ignored Areas
  • Keeps Office Looking Clean for Customers
  • Protects the Health of Your Coworkers

The Last Cleaning Company You Will Ever Need

ORCA is a very service oriented Commercial Janitorial Service Company that provides a range of facility maintenance services to the Houston area.

  • We Recycle
  • Certified by the Green Clean Institute
  • American Lung Association

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2040 North Loop West Ste 302
Houston, Tx
(832) 771-0926

Here's what our client's are saying about our services

I do not know how Orca always keeps our restrooms so clean, especially with all the traffic that we have. We are always getting compliments on how clean and refreshing it is to go into a clean public restroom.

J Controls

We had such a hard time with the cleaning service we had before you that we didn't think that we could be this happy with our service. Thank you for showing us we were wrong! I would recommend Orca cleaning services to anyone who needs janitorial service.

Touch of Grace

Orca takes care of anything I need as soon as I ask; I couldn't be more satisfied with my commercial cleaning service.

First National

Keep the Details Covered with Janitorial Houston Service Orca Cleaning Services

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Are you ever clear about what germs are growing in your office? If you hired a janitorial Houston company to come in and clean at night, do you have the confidence that they are addressing every area where germs might be growing? Many companies today send untrained workers in to vacuum and casually dust. They might wipe down a window and brush off a chair. But are they really addressing the health issues that are at risk? Orca Cleaning Services works hard to make sure that your office doesn´t just look clean, but is clean.

One way in which we do this is by addressing all the areas that other janitorial Houston companies ignore. We clean the blinds so that they not only look better, but they work better, last longer, and are not harboring germs. We have a vacuum that takes care of 99.9% of indoor pollutants one micron or larger. This is a very high standard compared to other janitorial companies Dallas, but that bar is set high so that you are able to ward off bouts of asthma and other respiratory problems that are common in office buildings. Your baseboards collect hair, dust, dirt, and other grime – but who is cleaning them? Orca Cleaning Services will. They are noticed more than you might expect, and when you have business partners or customers walking through your workplace, you do not want them noticing areas that you might have forgotten to clean. This is why having a reliable and thorough janitorial Houston service is so important.

If you are concerned with how your office looks, then you need an office cleaning company in Houston to take care of the dirt for you. Even more importantly, if you are concerned with the health of yourself and your employees, then you owe it to your office to have Orca Cleaning Services come in and address all of these needs. Our Dallas janitorial service will keep germs and bacteria at bay, and you will be left with an office that not only feels clean, but is clean, and you will be healthier for it as well.