How To Clean Marks off of Walls, Baseboards, & Doors.

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Magic Eraser Cleaning Tip:

Magic Eraser
White Cloth

wall covered in red crayon


Step 1 ~Evaluate~

The First thing you must always do is to evaluate what you are removing, and the surface of which you are removing it from.

By now I am sure you can see that we are removing crayon from a wall. This is from one of our Pediatric Doctors Office. The Doctor has colors and paper for the children while they are waiting however, the children seem to have liked the wall better.

removing marks step 1
Step 2 ~Meet Your Partner~

Remove the magic eraser from its box, it has a spongy fill to it and is about the size of a chalkboard eraser.

Then, dampen the eraser with water, and ring out the excess water. This allows the eraser to adhere to the surface area to be cleaned.

removing marks step 2
Step 3 ~Time to Clean~

After you have dampen the eraser, and removed excess water, it is now time to clean. This step is easy as sponge cake. Just rub the eraser over the marks to be removed. Continue with this step until you reach your desired results. Dry area with white cloth.

removing marks step 3a
removing marks step 3b
removing marks step 3c
Step 4 ~Reflect~

Now is the time to set back and enjoy the results of all that hard work you put in to clean off those marks. No one has to know it only took 5 mins, Dont worry we wont tell.

Clean wall
Before and After

Look at the difference in the unused eraser, and the one that was used to remove the crayon.

magic eraser before and after

* The eraser can be abrasive so remember to always check in an inconspicous area first.

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