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Top Requested Janitorial Services

Our Janitorial Services Solutions provide that lasting first impression that you want to give to your Clients.

Top Requested Janitorial Services:


A foul odor can immediately cast a negative perception on your restroom cleaning, regardless if the chrome on the sink fixtures sparkle. While a flowery smelling restroom is typically equated with a healthy clean restroom by the public.

So, do you spray a deodorizer and walk away? Of course not a clean, germ-free restroom still must be obtained through common, and perhaps some uncommon, practices. Restroom cleaning can make or break the publics perception of a restaurant, Medical office, or other facility.

The Public is demanding clean, germ- and odor-free restrooms. As the Top Houston Janitorial Cleaning Service, we are prepared for any restroom cleaning challenge. Is your facility ready?

ORCA janitorial cleaning services agents are  ready to develop a restroom cleaning service plan with you based upon your specific needs. Call 832-771-0926 to speak with an agent and get started today.


Dust & Vacuuming:

Dust mites, especially their feces, are one of the most common causes of asthma and allergy symptoms. Dust mites reside in many locations (carpeting, upholstery).

Every ORCA Janitorial services vacuum collects at least 99.9% of indoor pollutants one micron or larger. That is high standards for a Houston janitorial services co., or janitorial cleaning company in any other city for that matter. Such extraordinary capture rates are the result of years of engineering with our exclusive Four Level Filtration system*(shown below). To safeguard the indoor air quality of your facilities and to optimize the health of your employees call ORCA today for more Information.



The first thing any potential customer will see when entering your facility is the entrance or foyer. As the saying goes "First Impressions Say It All" During this time you want your potential customer to see and smell the cleanliness of this area so that they will feel comfortable in your facility.


Telephones, Door knobs, and Light Fixtures

Did you know that Telephones, door knobs and light switches are among the friendliest places in your facility for germs. "Using a receiver recently touched by someone with a cold or flu may give you their illness", says Terry M. Phillips, PhD., of George Washington University Medical Center Proper disinfecting of these items along with any other fixtures in which you frequently touch will help in lowering the amount of germs housed in your facility.


Kitchen and Lounge Area

This is usually one of the areas overlooked in a facility when it comes time to clean. Simply because the customer will not be using this section of your facility. Having this area clean will build moral with your employees, and of course, as with any other area of a building germs are hiding everywhere, sanitation is a must.


Air Condition Vents

Air quality is a very important factor in your health and the people in which you employee. Sanitizing the vents helps to keep the facility looking nice, yes, but it also helps to keep the air filters from getting covered in unnecessary dirt and debris. Another way to help to improve the quality of air in your facility is to replace the filters in a timely manner.  


Trash Removal

Who wants to take out the trash at home, let alone at work? The fact is that it has to be done, letting it pile up is not an option. Trash can bring insects and unpleasant smells into your facility along with thousands of unseen germs. It is important to remove all trash from your facility in a timely manner to reduce these effects. Let the professionals at ORCA janitorial cleaning services do the dirty work, so that you don't have to.


Window Cleaning Services

Windows cleaned regularly helps to prevent damage that may be caused from mineral deposit stains from sprinklers and other sources. Also, having clean windows helps maintain the image of cleanliness that your customers and employees both expect and will appreciate.


Blind Cleaning and Disinfecting

You clean your clothes, your carpets & your car... why would you not clean your dirty blinds?  First of all, you should clean your blinds because it drastically improves the appearance, and can prolong the life of the blinds.  Your customers see everything whether you realize it or not, and the image of your business could be at risk. Your blinds can contain more than just dirt though. They will hold anything that comes it contact with them. Some example are; dust, pollen, nicotine, body oils & pet hair and of course GERMS. Keeping the blinds cleaned will remove years of dirt to make them look new again. Also disinfecting them will make them easier to open & close.


Light Fixtures

Dust and debris will cover your fixtures causing an eye sore in your facility. Dirty ceiling fan blades and light fixtures not only look bad, but they can make your ceiling fans shake and wobble. To keep your fans running smoothly and your light fixtures clear and pretty, they need to be cleaned regularly.


Baseboards, Mil work, Etc.

Keeping your baseboards clean is a time consuming chore, and they quickly collect dust, grime, dirt, and lots of hair. Baseboards are often ignored, and they're sometimes the last areas of the facility that are cleaned, but they're noticed more than people realize. Dusty, grimy, hair-covered baseboards stand out, and even if the floors are vacuumed, and everything is in its place, dirty baseboards make a building look less than clean.  Let our Janitorial Cleaning Service program help you today!


* The 4 Level Filtration system was designed by and belongs to Proteam vacuum