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Window Cleaning

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Windows cleaned regularly helps to prevent damage that may be caused from mineral deposit stains from sprinklers and other sources. Also, having clean windows helps maintain the image of cleanliness that your customers and employees both expect and will appreciate.

How To Clean water spots off of exterior windows.

Many people suffer from water spots caused by rain, or the more common sprinkler systems spraying down the windows and glass doors. This week our office cleaning services department is going to give you some tips on getting rid of these spots.

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Window Cleaning Tip:

Spray bottle
Green pad, (Glass scraper*)
White vinegar (CLR for alt)
Soap bucket
Sponge applicator
Soft Cloth (squeegee for alt)
Rain X (news paper for alt)
Dish washing liquid
*Extra care and don’t use on tempered glass.

Step 1

Mix 4 cups of vinegar into 1 gallon of water. (careful not to splash the solution against metal or get to much onto the concrete since vinegar is a mild acid) Add mixture to spray bottle.

Step 2

Use spray bottle to apply solution to the window or glass area that is in need of treatment. Let the solution set for about 30 seconds. Using the green pad, scrub in a circular motion removing the scum. This step can also be done with a glass scraper, if done with care.

Rinse and Repeat Step 2 if necessary.

Step 3

Mix 1 tablespoon of dishwashing liquid to 1 gallon of water. Use the sponge applicator and apply the solution to the glass area. Immediately remove all access water from the glass area using the soft cloth or squeegee. Make sure to get the access water off of the window seals also.

Step 4

To shine the glass if a soft cloth was used, use newspaper, and then apply Rain X.

window after it's been cleaned