Terms of Service

  1. As a precondition and requirement to use the services available via ORCA Cleaning Services, you, for yourself and for the company or other person(s), if any, you represent, hereby accept and agree to be legally bound by these Terms of Service ("Terms"). These Terms are effective immediately between the Customer and ORCA Cleaning Services. Each Customer is subject to these Terms, and by using ORCA Cleanining Services Janitorial Services, and/or other services (collectively the "Services"), Customer agrees to be legally bound by and subject to all terms and conditions contained in these Terms, including as well all usage policies and other policies herein. To the extent not inconsistent therewith, these Terms are also incorporated into the individual service agreement, if any, of each Customer.

  2. Customer represents and warrants that, if an individual, Customer is at least 18 years old and otherwise legally competent in all respects to, or, if an entity, Customer is a corporation, limited liability company, partnership, or other legal entity duly formed and in good standing, as applicable, and possesses all legal authority and power to accept and be bound by these Terms. Additionally, Customer represents and warrants that neither it, she, or he (as applicable), nor any entity it, she or he represents, is prohibited under any part of section 13 of these Terms from registering or signing up with or otherwise subscribing to or receiving any of the Services from ORCA Cleaning Services. Further, Customer represents and warrants all information provided by Customer to ORCA Cleaning Services has been and is complete, accurate, and current, and that Customer shall continue to provide complete, accurate and current information to ORCA Cleaning Services in connection with all registration or renewal processes and further agrees to update all such information as necessary to maintain complete, accurate and current information. Although Customers of paid services offered through ORCA Cleaning Services must be at least 18 years of age and otherwise legally competent to accept and be legally bound by these Term, a parent or legal guardian of a minor may obtain an account on the minor's behalf, and by doing so, consents to such minor's use of the Services. Subscribing parents and legal guardians each for herself or himself, as applicable, accept and agree to be legally bound by these Terms, and assume full responsibility and liability associated with any failure of compliance with the Terms in connection with said minor's use of any of the Services.

  3. ORCA Cleaning Services will be responsible for the janitorial services requested by Customer and agreed upon by both ORCA Cleaning Services and Customer. ORCA Cleaning Services shall use cleaning materials and floor care products approved by ORCA Cleaning Services for all Services performed under the service agreement.

  4. Included in the service charge will be cleaning service, cleaning supplies, and equipment which will be furnished by ORCA Cleaning Services. The service charge also does not include any use tax, tax on sales, services or supplies, or any other such tax, which taxes shall be paid by customer. Customer agrees to reimburse ORCA Cleaning Services the amount of any such taxes if paid by ORCA Cleaning Services on customers behalf.

  5. The service charge will remain in effect for one (1) year unless there are changes in the original specifications for the premises. In the event of such changes, Customer will advise ORCA Cleaning Services accordingly, and an adjustment in the service charge, as agreed to by the parties, will be made.

  6. ORCA Cleaning Services will distribute invoices monthly, and Customer agrees to pay ORCA Cleaning Services the amount that is due and owing under the terms of this agreement, by the 10th day of each month. Late payments will incur After the 15th day of each month. In the event of default on payment, customer agrees to pay ORCA Cleaning Services attorney fees and cost for collection.

  7. If there is an "Additional Special Service" performed and the customer cancels any periodic services described therin for which a prorated monthly charge is included in the customers total monthly service charge, any amount owing by customer for special services performed prior to the cancellation date shall be payable in full no later than five (5) business days after cancellation.

  8. Services shall not be performed on the following holidays: New Year's Eve, New Year's Day, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day. Services may be rescheduled during the hours approved or directed by the Scheduling Department.

  9. Cancellation of Services: The Customer may terminate the agreement with a written notice after the completion of the first 90 days of service, provided termination notice is given to ORCA thirty (30) days propr to the service agreement renewal date. Account or Services my be terminated by ORCA Cleaning Services immediately, upon notice by any means, if the following shall occur:

    1. Customer violates any provision of the Terms Of Service Agreement;
    2. Customer violates any health or safety regulation;
    3. Facility posses any danger or saftey hazards towards ORCA employees.